Where prevention is the best medicine for your flock

‚Äč"I am a DVM in Billings, MT and Dr. McKillop was willing to spend her time to consult with me about a Montana case - very much appreciated! So nice to know a fellow DVM who is an expert on poultry and offering consult!" Dr. Emily Gocke-Smith

"Thanks for coming out and helping us with our backyard flock!!! They are responding well to there meds and we are much more confident with our setup after your walk through and advice!!! It's awesome to have a visiting poultry vet so nearby!!! Thank you!!!" - Kevin Firmin

"Not only did Dr. McKillop accommodate us with a fast appointment, but it was after hours in the dark and freezing cold. She was VERY thorough-started with evaluating the healthy flock and conditions and then finally progressed to the sick hen. She fielded every question and took the time to educate us. My chicken partner and I were extremely impressed with the biosecurity measures Dr. McKillop employed... We would absolutely call on her again and recommend her to anyone." - Stephanie Pluckhorn

"As a fellow poultry veterinarian and having worked with Dr. Annika McKillop for a number of years, I whole-heartedly recommend her! She has an excellent knowledge base and a wonderful personality!" - Jocelyn Coryea Romano

"Dr. McKillop visited our flock today. We had so many questions and she was most patient with us. She took her time and answered each question throughly. We feel we have much more understanding of what we are doing which makes us more confident. We will definitely be signing up for the Kuddly App to tap into her wealth of knowledge. Thank you Dr. McKillop" - Jennifer Phillips

"Very thorough and diagnosis was quick. Dr McKillop was very honest and informative and excellent in teaching how to administer medication properly." - Nick Chillson